Tmars droppers comparison

Review and comparison of 3 different droppers from Tmars – SD-419S, SD-419L and SD-471L.

Why Tmars? I was looking for a reliable dropper/ It has to be simple and mechanical. No air spring, no hydraulic damper.

I am using SD-419L (27.2 and 31.6 versions) for over two years on all my bikes. Now I’ve got two more models and have the possibility to disassemble them and compare.

All models have remote lever.


SD-419L (size 31.6 / 400mm) – 590 gram

SD-419S (size 31.6 /  445mm) – 680 gram

SD-471L (size 27.2 / 440mm) – 630 gram


SD-419S, SD-419L and SD-471L have the same design. They all can be mounted without removing other hardware from handlebar.

Lever can be replaced with more ergonomic one, but it will raise the price significantly. For example the upgrade with ZTTO lever (Low quality china brand) will cost extra 20$.

locking mechanism

SD-419S has a pin actuated by wedge. Need some magic to make it work after cable replacement. There is another option available – with a vertical align (cable looks down, not backwards).

SD-419L has the simplest mechanism. Spring and pin.

SD-471L has a thin rod, which is locked inside the upper tube with four balls.


SD-419S has a hollow upper tube, that slides inside the lower body. It uses two plastic guide rails. This construction requires a boot.

SD-419L has a solid upper tube, which slides inside the lower body. It uses three plastic guide rails. This construction requires a boot as well.

SD-471L has a hollow upper tube, which slides inside the lower body. It uses three brass guide rails. Does not require a boot.


SD-419S and SD-419L can be serviced quite easily. They can be disassembled with a help of multi-tool. Process is straightforward and easy.

SD-471L is more complex, you need a tool to remove a lock ring from the bottom. To disassemble it you would need more time to complete.

mud protection

SD-419S and SD-419L have similar boot protections. It works good out of box but there is room for improvement and better protection from water, dust and mud. The boot is not very durable due to damages by saddle mounting hardware and has to be replaced after a year of active riding.

SD-471L uses sealing ring. We did not use this model much so can`t tell more.


SD-419S comes in 50-65 usd

SD-419L comes in 60-85 usd

SD-471L comes in 70-80 usd


Keep in mind that you have to support saddle while extending seatpost. The technique, showed in video below, can brake plastic stopper.

where to buy

I bought SD-419S from ebay seller nanahshop. Fast shipping, spare parts available, provide warranty (sent broken stopper ring for free).

SD-471L and SD-419L was bought on AliExpress.

pinkbike’s take

SD-419S is the cheapest seatpost. I don`t have much trust in hollow upper tube, so would not recommend them for heavy riders. Best option for the first dropper-post to try.

SD-419L proved to be reliable seatpost. I rode one of them for over two years all year long. It has significant play, upper tube is worn out, but it still works fine.

SD-471L solves the problem with old school booted technology, but inside it does not look bulletproofs like SD-419L.

Tmars seatpost will work fine for one year of all-weather riding, then you will have to invest in spare parts, while still can rebuild it in 20 minutes.

Tmars seatposts also look like a good option for winter usage as a temporary alternative to your expensive dropper. It still works below zero.

8 thoughts on “Tmars droppers comparison

  1. heygude

    Здравствуйте! Не совсем понял что вы имели ввиду, когда сказали, что в 419S полая верхняя труба, а 419L нет. Поясните, пожалуйста. Она же в любом случае полая будет

    1. amers Post author

      я имел в виду трубу, которая ходит внутри (она закрыта гофрой)

      в 419S эта труба полая, в 419L – это брусок (алюминия?), в котором высверлены отверстия для установки седла и под клин

        1. amers Post author

          нет,не вечный

          за год с трешем он достаточно сильно убивается

          пока систему с ними вижу так

          купил за 2000грн, откатал год, продал за 300-600грн, купил новый за 2000грн

  2. Андрей

    471 выглядит более надежным в плане направляющих, хотя башинги такиеже пластиковые, как я понял. Вы перешли на 471 или они ломучее говно?)))

    1. amers Post author

      пока купил 419L просто потому, что предложили оч хорошую цену за новый дроппер

      471 сам не использовал. на сайте у тмарса уже появилась модель 473 🙂

  3. Adrian S.

    Hi! Could You tell a little more about disassembly of 471L? Mine is stuck in the upper position (I am not able to move the red control lever on the seatpost), and I am not able to reach the inside of the seatpost to clear the locked components.

    1. amers Post author

      i can check my 27.2 version and add comments

      but i am not bike mechanic, so my skill is quite low


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