China 26 rims

Quick review of the cheapest 26 rims from AliExpress.

Милые и симпатичные ободья блестят и возбуждают велосипедистов так же, как обычных людей – бриллианты.

Rims with gloss finish look beautiful like diamonds in the sky.

Но эта модель имеет врожденный косяк – она не бескамерная. Детальнее можно прочесть в зарисовке Вани Швыдко.

These rims have “birth” defect – they are not tubeless ready.

Tubeless rims have flat spot for a tire bead as shown on the pic below.

Reviewed rims are round-shaped on inner side, so tire bead will slide to the center of the rim

Rims could be converted to tubeless. It can be done in two easy steps.

Adding tape to cover holes.

Reeling up carbon fiber with resin to form horizontal flat spot

You can read full article with translation. PIZDETS means bad, bad technology.

It took some time for rims to arrive. In general  – around 3-4 weeks to receive parcel from Ali sellers.

Ali sellers low down invoice price. In Ukraine you have to pay taxes if parcel costs more than 100 USD. We ask to set price down to 90 USD and it works like a charm.

Quality engineer checked packaging. PASSED 🙂

We didn’t pay much attention to geometry and holes count. Our main goal was to  buy the cheapest rims

External rim width is a little bigger than announced – 26.4mm. Internal rim width varies – one rim has 20/3mm, while the other – 20.7mm

Внешняя ширина у наших ободьев чуть больше – в среднем около 26.4мм. А вот внутренняя ширина немного отличается – 20.3 у одного ободия против 20.7 у второго.

Так же отличается и масса ободиев. Более легкий имеет внутреннюю ширину 20.7мм

Weight also differs. Lighter rim has internal width 20.7mm.

This rim could be run on lorry-like vehicle (ex-USSRarea joke).

У наших ободьев, в отличии от лёгких 29 бескамерных ободьев, внутренняя стенка толстая.

These rims have quite thick inner wall.

Примерная толщина внешней части ободия – 3.3мм

Approximate size of outer wall is 3.3mm.


There are two visible joints on inner wall on each rim.

Area 51. We can’t say what asian manufactures hide from us.

Отверстия под ниппель на наружной и внутренней стенках не совсем соосны. Похоже, что ободья имеют минимальную ассиметрию, т.к на них присутствует наклейка, указывающая в какую сторону должен уходить зонт (drive side).

Holes in inner and external walls are not concentric. Looks like these rims are asymmetrical.

На ободие есть серийные номера, но выполнены они в виде обычной наклейки.

RIms have stickers with serial numbers.

Pros: price and look. Nothing more.

Cons: they come only in 26 inch diameter and 24 holes. Also they are not tubeless.

Conclusion: these rims will be converted to tubeless and sold. Looks like it is the only reason to buy them.

Link to the product on AliExpress.


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