Top 5 cheap Ali products

5 cheap bike products from AliExpress that work well!

Avid fake rotors

Fake rotors are so cheap, that it`s hard to believe in them. We gave them a chance and they worked flawlessly!

Throw bolts to trash bin, change rotors before they wear out (once a year) – and you`ll be fine.

And stay away from 2-component rotors – they can fail.

Link to the product.

Bottlecage EasyDo

Light, holds bottles well (the first lost bottle is the last one for cage), convenient.

Bottlecage comes only in one version – right hand (while installed on horisontal tube) or left hand version (while installed on vertical tube).

Link to the product.

Fouriers bottles

Here comes the sun! Colors are astonishing, these bottles are so beautiful, that it`s hard to start riding with them in mud and dust.

You don`t have to lick and bite bottlelock to drink – just grab it in your hand and squeeze. There are cheaper Fouriers bottles with classic lock mech.

Link to the product.

DRIFT MANIAC tubeless valves

Light two-component valves. Not as airflowable as stans, but who cares while you can pick green or red one?

More fragile than steel/brass ones, so don`t put a stick into your wheels on the move.

Link to the product.

Cheap narrow-wide chainrings

Simply the best price to mileage ratio. We believe that they are made of lowest grade aluminium available, but they still can handle 2000-3000 km per 8 usd.

Looks like Motsuv, VXM and Deckas (figure below) are all the same chainrings with different logo, so just pick cheapest.

Be aware of oval chainrings – they are made for asian knees only!

Link to the product.

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